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History of Club

Our bowling club dates back to 1865 making it the oldest in the City of Carlisle and came into being when the merchants and businessmen created a bowling green near to the City Centre.  

This green was originally located in an area behind Lonsdale Street and Spencer Street where it remained until 1879 when a coachbuilding company took up the lease of the land, the bowling club had then to find another location for a new green, the club was then moved to its present position behind Myddleton Street and Broad Street  but lacked a pavilion, 

The Swiss style building which we now occupy was duly opened in 1897. Several years ago we added a conservatory to the front of the bower to enable spectators  to enjoy bowling matches in comfort. 

In 2014 we were delighted to be granted lottery funding through Sport England Inspirational Facilities, and as a result the latter months of 2014 saw the start of work on renovations to the rear of the building, as the present changing rooms at that time were extremely small and the toilet facilities were situated outside the main building, 

The work was completed by the end of February 2015 which now gives us access to full disabled facilities with a disabled toilet, new ladies toilets, new gents toilets, and a much larger changing room with lockers. 

The photograph to the right  shows the invitation to the actual opening of the original green, this was approximately six to eight months after the inauguration of the club in 1865, the invite was in 1866.